ULTIMATE: The ultimate shine.
Two rows 100% horsehair remove the dirt to the skin and the 100% hair goats recent dust in one pass. The result: long-lasting shine of the coat. Convenient in daily use, also ideal for the tournament.

190mm x 85mm  $47.20ea

ALLROUNDER: Universal brush, doublesided with wooden knobs. 

100% horsehair mane and tail brush.

220mm x 60mm  $35.00ea

POWER: Alternate rows of brass wire and 100% horsehair, brown grained beechwood
The angular bristle position allows for variable handling and ensures a maximum cleaning effect. One way it is used for deep grooming - the other way for a polishing finish! Ideal during shedding season.

190mm x 85mm  $46.85ea

SHINY: Extra long 1.46 inches 100% horse hair, bleached, super soft hair tips. Beechwood handle.

190mm x 85mm  $47.85ea

CHILDRENS GROOMING BRUSH: 100% horsehair brush.

173mm x 75mm  $35.60ea

RUBY: Horse grooming brush with grey grained height-grade mixed bristles (high quality); double edge of 100% horse hair.

190mm x 85mm  $36.55ea

MASSAGE BRUSH: Wood knobs, lacquered beechwood, for better health.

Great for horses and dogs!

135mm x 78mm  $43.50ea

GOAT HAIR BRUSH: Extra long and tight 100% goat hair, beechwood handle.

190mm x 85mm  $39.80ea

GOAT HAIR HORSE HEAD BRUSH: 100% goat hair, beechwood.
Really soft and cuddly. Great to finish off dog coats also!

130mm x 65mm  $34.60ea

WOODY: Mane brush with wooden knobs, very gentle to mane and tail. Beechwood handle.

125mm x 76mm  $38.85ea

BLACK HORSE: Grey medium stiff

100% pig bristles, white edge of

100% pig bristles, black beechwood.

210mm x 95mm  $49.45ea


Mini  brushes with silver reflex foil, 100% horsehair, with horse motif decoration.

130mm x 65mm  $25.55ea

COWBOY: Extra tough coarse scrubbing brush for the toughest dirt. 100% natural fibre union mix,

1.77 inches long, natural beechwood.

210mm x 95mm  $26.30ea

Animal Kinship is happy to provide

William Leistner High Quality Natural Horse Brushes from Germany

We carry brushes in stock in our shop or can ship to you by Aus Post.

FRIESE: Extra dense, stiff, 100% pig bristles. Perfect for dark coats! Also for “double coated ” horses, such as Friesians, Andalusians, Shetlands etc.

190mm x 85mm  $54.40ea

HORSE HEAD BRUSH: 100% pig bristles with white edge, brown grained beechwood. Great for dogs also!

130mm x 65mm  $26.50ea

CHILDREN'S GROOMING BRUSH: Midi, 100% black or colour dyed horsehair with horsey motif
colour lacquered beechwood bodies.

156mm x 70mm  $27.25ea

PIK AS: 100 % horse hair with fair edge of 100% bristles. Brown grained beechwood handle. Soft and firm at the same time.

214 x 96 mm  $44.00ea

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WESTERN BRUSH: Western style grooming brush, 100% horse hair, mixed with 100% coco fibre, high hair edge of 100% pig bristles, soft and firm at the same time, clear lacquered beechwood, specialty belt.

210mm x 95mm  $52.95ea