ANIMAL KINSHIP​​Pet Supplies and Foods in Kiama

Oral hygiene and healthcare products, including worming, flea and tick protection.  Also we have skin, joint and sensitive stomach formulas from TuffRock and Itch Magick.

Our lifelike range of plush toy dog and cats have even been mistaken for real by dogs themselves. Our plush cats don't purr, but they do breathe! Because we do not carry live animals (see Pet Connection service) impulse buying of these irresistible, cute and cuddly creatures is allowed and sure to warm the heart of the young and old alike.

Our comprehensive range of bird and small mammal feeds are made from top quality Australian grown ingredients, fresh and hand-packed to exacting specification.


Not forgetting our scaled lizard, snake and turtle friends, we have products to help you to make their habitat warm and natural with thermometers, UV lights, infrared lights, sand, pine bark, rocks, branches and reptile dishes.

Small Mammals

Providing all the food, bedding, health and maintenance products you need to keep your small mammals healthy and happy: including a fabulous line of toys, harnesses, treats and wooden gnaws for your rodentia family.


Quality Tuff Rope halters, leads, rope hackamores and reins. Wild Horse insect repellent horse rugs, fly masks, belly bands and tail wraps. 

A most extraordinary range of grooming brushes from Germany by William Leiftner, Troxell riding helmets, health care products including WattleLane Stables, Itch Magick, TuffRock, wormers, coat enhancers and hoof treatment.


We carry a unique range of natural tree based perches & swings and other cage ornaments designed to create a natural and stimulating environment for your pet. We specialize in products for budgies, cockatiels and larger parrots.

Animal Kinship Pet Food and Supplies

There are thousands of pet products on the market today making it more than a little confusing as to which product to choose.  Our knowledge, education, passion and years of experience with animals is the heart of our business and reflected in the merchandise we carefully and specifically choose to offer our customers.  Our merchandise is competitively priced and chosen based on the quality of it's materials or ingredients, durability, design, functionality and safety.  As importantly, we help our environment by choosing quality products made to last.  

We support Australian owned and grown as much as possible.