People Training for Dogs

Animal Kinship is very pleased to now be offering professional behavioural training by Canine Spirit

Many of you have met Barbara Allen, Canine Spirit behavioural trainer and co-owner of Animal Kinship. Barbara combines her professional background in the fields of education and training, health care and psychology with years of companion animal study and behavioural training experience to make her approach to training the one your dog would love YOU to take!

Her perspective on the animal/human dynamic and passionate interest in the emerging field of inter-species communication provides a refreshingly unique approach to dog training, or as she prefers to say, people training.

“My experience has been that if I can help people learn to listen to their dog and understand, dogs are always communicating something important that we should pay attention to. I can help people take the next step, which is to interpret what their dog is telling them so they can respond appropriately”.

 Barbara creates an atmosphere of serious fun in order to:

  -  learn with your dog
  -  deepen your understanding and appreciation of them as the unique and fascinating species they are
  -  expand your abilitiy to clearly communicate with them in order to gain their willing cooperation through trust and respect

  -  experience personal transformation along with them 

Basic behavioural  training is for the companion dog owner who wants to enjoy their canine friend as a well-adjusted, well-mannered part of the family and good canine community citizen.  Sound foundations will be developed so that further training at more advanced levels or in specific dog sports can be undertaken.  

Barbara can also assess specific problem issues and recommend managment and training solutions.  

If you are interested in getting more information or scheduling a private lesson with Barbara, please contact her either thru Animal Kinship or directly on her mobile: 0418 627 984.

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​​​​​​​​Canine Spirit by Animal Kinship

One-on-one behavioural consulting

Beyond Training

Canine Spirit aims to foster a connection between the dog and its guardian that evolves as both parties learn to understand their own behaviour and communication through the mirror of each other.

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