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                                                 Code of Ethics


As a member of APDT Australia Inc. I shall:

                         Perform services to the best of my ability within the guidelines of this code of ethics.

                         Employ only humane, dog-friendly techniques in the training of dogs.

                         Actively reject the use of harsh, physical, psychological, coercive and aversive methods in the                            training of dogs (including the use of electric shock collars and/or pinch/prong collars).

                         Make the welfare of the dog of primary importance.

                         Be honest and trustworthy.

                         Treat all dogs with respect.

                         Do no harm.

                         Promote responsible dog ownership.

                         Actively pursue ongoing education in order to provide a service based upon sound scientific                              principles and current best practice.

                         Promote a positive human/canine relationship between owner and dog.

                         Work at developing and applying positive methods of dog training.

                         Provide a service of the highest standard within the limit of my skill, knowledge and ability.

                         Respect the confidentiality and privacy of clients.

                         Not advertise myself as a member of APDT Australia Inc. without prior approval of the                                        Association.

                         Not represent myself as a spokesperson for APDT Australia Inc. without prior approval of the                            Association.