ANIMAL KINSHIP​​Pet Supplies and Foods in Kiama

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Love Purrs, Joy Sings and Happiness Wags

Thousands of businesses cater for pets.

Why choose Animal Kinship? Because we are more than just a pet store.

Animal Kinship is about fostering kindness and a good heart.  We are here to promote sensitivity to the needs of every living being, the environment in which they exist and the world around us.

We value giving our best, and only our best to our animals and customers.  We share with you our years of education and experience in the form of information, advice and training services.

We believe being together with animals helps us experience the joy of simply being and a whole new way of relating to ourselves and to others.  They create in us a richer, deeper and more authentic self, not based on external validation, but on feeling what is in our hearts.

Unconditional love for our pets brings out that quality in us as human beings.  A state of true companionship can then flower in the soil of mutual respect, appreciation, trust and loyalty.

Promoting Responsible Guardianship and Kinship With All Life